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Truck Transport Services,Ltd based in Bangkok, Thailand, and one of South East Asia’s leading fright forwarders, offers as part of its comprehensive range of services Door-to Door Delivery – a highly personalized freight forwarding solution.

Our door-to-door service is exactly what it says. We take charge your shipment at source and deliver it to the requested final destination, whether an individual’s home, a retail outlet or warehouse. This service is available for any size consignment that needs delivering between any destination in the world.

This service covers all freight forwarding requirements; taking charge of the consignment at point of origin; preparing and processing all necessary paperwork; professionally packaging the goods for safe and secure transfer; transferring the cargo to the port or airport departure point and overseeing the loading process; supervising unloading at destination port/airport and managing the paperwork and administrative details to ensure prompt customs clearance; organizing onward delivery to the consignment’s final destination.

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