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Ship Cargo / Seafreight Services

Timely delivery of exported or imported goods is of paramount importance; but delivery of damaged goods totally negates all the effort made to meet that requirement.,Ltd offers, as part of its extensive range of frieght forwarding solution, a professional and high quality Packing Service intended to ensure that each and every consignment is properly protected and arrives safely and securely, in premium condition. Relatively low rates for labor and facility rentals in Thailand make this service a surprisingly affordable service.


Truck Transport Services,Ltd based in Bangkok, Thailand, and one of South East Asia’s leading fright forwarders, offers as part of its comprehensive range of services Door-to Door Delivery – a highly personalized freight forwarding solution.

Our door-to-door service is exactly what it says. We take charge your shipment at source and deliver it to the requested final destination, whether an individual’s home, a retail outlet or warehouse. This service is available for any size consignment that needs delivering between any destination in the world.

This service covers all freight forwarding requirements; taking charge of the consignment at point of origin; preparing and processing all necessary paperwork; professionally packaging the goods for safe and secure transfer; transferring the cargo to the port or airport departure point and overseeing the loading process; supervising unloading at destination port/airport and managing the paperwork and administrative details to ensure prompt customs clearance; organizing onward delivery to the consignment’s final destination.

Airfreight Cargo/Pet Transport Services,Ltd is an established and fully qualified air freight forwarder that has earned a strong reputation for delivering all types of cargo – small or large – in a secure and timely manner. Based in Bangkok, we offer international-standard freight forwarding solutions through an extensive network of highly reputable export agents; this means that wherever you are, be it in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, we will take full responsibility for your consignment and move it to wherever you need it.

Our air transfer operation recognizes the key requirements for distribution success in the global market - speed, timeliness and accuracy - and since 2006, we have built a thriving business delivering air freight in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective manner. We arrange the transport using leading air cargo carriers – Thai, Etihad, Emirates and many more – and we have developed excellent working relationships with them all. Our expert team of freight forwarders will ensure your consignment is always given a space at the earliest departure time; irrespective of your location, we offer cargo transfer from all custom airports on a daily basis.

Whilst air transfer is obviously more expensive than sea freight , it remains the most cost-effective means when time is paramount, particularly for low weight consignments; it is ideally suited for goods that weigh up to 300 Kg and/or with a volume of up to 2 cubic meters. We are confident that Global Transport Shipping’s rates are highly competitive and affordable and we offer special charges for small and medium sized businesses to assist them grow and earn a competitive edge in their markets.

Global Transport Shipping is a full service business with a comprehensive offering; we can meet all your needs from safe and secure packing services, carried out by professionals and satisfying international standards, through to prompt and resourceful custom service solutions.

We are fully insured and meet international compliance in transferring cargos to any custom port in the world. Our expert team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, offers highly personal service and is committed to ensuring your consignments reach their destinations safely and securely.

Rates are calculated based on the taxable weight of the consignment, which is the highest between gross weight and the volume weight. Please take a note of the following:

  • Gross weight is calculated based on the weight of the product (kg, ton, or lbs)
  • Volume weight = (cubic volume of the goods) x 1000 x(1/6)


Terminal Operations

Moving home is well known to be a stressful business. When that move is to a new continent those stress levels can increase substantially and one of the main contributors is the issue of moving possessions – both the practicalities and the expense.


A number of organizations will provide a comprehensive service that includes packing all belongings, transporting them to the new home and then unpacking and re-locating everything there. This, of course, sounds wonderful, but is, unsurprisingly, a very expensive option. Global Transport Shipping, renowned as an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company, offer a fully safe and secure alternative shipping solution for removals between Thailand and any other destination in the world - but at up to half the cost that these companies charge.

Our International Removal Service

After consultation, we will provide a container or truck of a pre-agreed size to the client’s current abode and will collect it some hours later, when laden. This will then be shipped to the new destination to an agreed schedule; we will take care of all necessary paperwork and ensure prompt custom clerance. It is, though, the client’s responsibility to pack and to load their belongings into the container and then to manage the off-loading of all items at the new residence. Self-loading and unloading may appear to be a tiresome operation, but it does generate significant savings– money that can, perhaps, be better spent on setting up the new home in the new, exciting environment !

We offer extremely competitive rates for all consignments, small or large, with a service that is efficient, timely and hassle-free. Our world-wide network of export agents is adept at handling all the necessary paperwork (and there can be a lot of paper involved in an international move!) and will ensure a safe, seamless transfer of the goods.

Our success has been built on experienced teamwork, an emphasis on customer satisfaction and our ability to offer customized solutions for any situation. Our friendly and efficient people, fluent in a number of languages will provide all the assistance needed to make your international move as stress-free as possible.



At,Ltd we take the time to get to know our customers and understand their unique requirements. This enables us to apply our industry expertise to deliver a tailor-made service.

We offer so much more than just ocean carriage. We’ve also developed a comprehensive infrastructure of road, rail and warehousing which allows us to offer fully bespoke solutions designed to match your needs.

Of course, what ties all this together and sets GTA apart is our ongoing commitment to the people we work with and the people we work for. Our strength has always been in developing close teams that want to offer the best service in the industry. Despite the size and complexity of our business, we’ve never lost sight of the need to put customers’ individual needs at the heart of everything we do.

GTA is committed to providing transport solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

That’s why we have a large inventory of well-maintained specialist equipment designed to accommodate practically any cargo type and any loading or discharging environment.

These cargo trailers include (but are not limited to):

  • Rigid: A static trailer that can be used when access is restricted.
  • Flatbed: A trailer with no sides, allowing for cargo that will not fit or cannot be easily loaded into a standard container. This is typically used for project or out-of-gauge cargo.
  • Tipper: A specialised chassis to lift the container up at one end to unload loose cargo.
  •  Low loader: A trailer with an adjustable deck height allowing for the transportation of particularly tall or heavy cargo.
  • Container-lift trailer: A vehicle with equipment capable of lifting containers on and off the trailer. 
  • Genset trailer: A purpose-built trailer with its own generating equipment designed to provide power for refrigerated containers.

Naturally, GTA also provides our customers with the necessary guidance to determine the appropriate equipment for the safe and secure transport of their cargo. Our intermodal and transport teams around the world will happy to help recommend the appropriate trailer for individual cargoes, taking into account any physical or environmental considerations at the point of loading or discharge.

Similarly, our out-of-gauge / breakbulk teams will provide the necessary expertise to arrange the transport of any oversized cargoes.

Container equipment

In addition to the cargo trailers GTA customers are able to select the perfect container equipment to suit the optimal transport of their cargo. We have more than 10 million containers in circulation at any one time including:

  • 20ft / 40ft standard and high cube containers.
  • 20ft / 40ft open-top containers.
  • 20ft / 40ft and high cube reefer containers.
  • 20ft / 40ft flatracks.
  • 20ft / 40ft platforms.
  • 20ft / 40ft open-top containers.

With this equipment strategically positioned around the globe, GTA will have the ideal equipment to suit your cargo – whatever it is, wherever it is.





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